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Empowering Education: The Jordan Santiago Memorial Scholarship in Trinidad

Heather and Andrew Santiago have recently returned from their trip to Trinidad, where they embarked on an incredible journey to award the Jordan Santiago Memorial Scholarship to 13 students from 7 different schools. We had the opportunity to speak with Andrew about their experience, and he shared some remarkable insights.

The idea for the scholarship program in Trinidad began in 2021, but due to the challenges posed by COVID-19, its implementation had to be postponed several times. Despite facing setbacks and considering its cancellation, the program persevered. In October 2022, a successful Zoom conference call was held with representatives from seven schools who enthusiastically embraced the concept of awarding scholarships to two students, one male and one female, each receiving $1,000 TT dollars to support their education.

The realization of this program materialized in June 2023, as remarkable awards ceremonies took place in Trinidad. The journey began at the Point Fortin Seven Days Adventist School, which held a special significance for Andrew as it was the first pre-K Kindergarten he attended. It was a heartwarming experience for him to award two students from this school. The journey continued to the La Brea Roman Catholic Primary School and then Salazar Trace Government Primary School. They also visited Chatham Government Primary School—a location that holds a personal history for Andrew, as it was where his family resided and where he grew up. They moved on to Fanny Village Government Primary School, where Andrew’s own education had commenced. The final destination was Egypt Village Government Primary School. A special award was given to an exceptional student Onika Santiago. Onika also received an award for English Language as Academic Excellence . The 13 scholarships that were awarded left a great impact on the lives of the recipients.

The program was exceptionally well-received, leaving an overwhelming sense of gratitude and thanks from the students, principals, and staff. The local community rejoiced, recognizing the profound significance of this initiative and its potential to shape the future of education in these areas. Positive feedback poured in, emphasizing the transformative power of the scholarship program in inspiring students to pursue their educational aspirations. It instilled hope and served as a reminder that education is the key to unlocking success.

Additionally, through this experience, Andrew and Heather Santiago personally witnessed the transformative power of turning beauty out of ashes. They believe that divine intervention orchestrated and guided every step of this journey, giving all credit to God for the positive impact of the program’s inaugural year. Their deep gratitude extends to the principals, staff, students, and local community for their unwavering support and dedication to the Jordan Santiago iCare Foundation and the Jordan Santiago Memorial Scholarship.

The Santiago family also expresses their appreciation to all the supporters who made this endeavor possible. If you would like to learn more about this inspiring scholarship program, please click here.

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