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Kick-off of iCare #Santistrong Program

Jordan`s life was an inspiration when it comes to serving organizations and individuals in need. His purpose of making a real impact in the lives of many inspired us to create the iCare #Santistrong Program. Through this program, Jordan Santiago iCare Foundation will continue Jordan’s purpose by identifying needs and connecting them with available resources. Because of your generous contributions we were able to support two life changing organizations:

Christ for India focuses on Education, Humanitarian Aid, Planting Churches, and Training nationals in the country of India. Their many programs include initiatives such as Vocational Education, Women’s Vocational College, Theological College and Seminary, Moral Science Education Program, and Children’s Home. Learn more at www.christforindia.org.

The purpose of Here’s Life Africa is to share the story of Jesus, disciple villagers, and equip pastors in the 20 poorest countries of the world. They employ 41 African teams who take the Jesus Film and AIDS education films to more than 2,400 remote villages each year. In each village, their teams launch a new weekly small group Bible study. Besides that, they equip key pastors through an extensive two-year training program. Learn more at www.hereslifeafrica.com.

Thank you!

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