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Fox26 Houston interviewed Jordan’s heart transplant recipient and the Santiagos

Jordan’s heart transplant recipient, Ernest Wright, was suffering from heart failure and was clinging to life at Memorial Hermann. He was in desperate need of the perfect match. Last month, he shared with Fox26 Houston how grateful he is for the gift of life he received through Jordan`s heart donation. It was definitely a new beginning for him.

Thank God I’m here still for my wife, my children, and my grandsons.” – Ernest said.

The TV channel also interviewed the Santiagos, who had the opportunity to meet Ernest and got to hear their son’s heart beating in Ernest’s chest.

It was a moment of a lot of tears, but tears of joy. And I have to say, we have no regrets about meeting the family and the recipient expressing his gratitude for life. It was just incredible“, said Andrew.

We miss him dearly every day, but knowing that his heart is in somebody else, and they get to live and control their purpose now”, Heather shared.

Ernest is ready to fulfill his purpose. For now, that means taking good care of himself, making sure he gets plenty of exercise, and never misses his medications.

Click here to read and watch what was featured at Fox26 Houston.

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