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Jordan Santiago Memorial Scholarship (Trinidad)

Fourteen Memorial Scholarships will be awarded to primary school age students. Fourteen students will be selected to receive a 1,000 TTD scholarship across seven participating primary schools in south Trinidad:

Fanny Village Government Primary School

(Point Fortin)

Point Fortin Anglican School

(Point Fortin)

Point Fortin Seven Days Adventist School

(Point Fortin)

Egypt Village Government Primary School

(Egypt Village, Point Fortin)

La Brea Roman Catholic Primary School

(New Lands, La Brea)

Chatham Government Primary School

(Irois Forest, Chatham)

Salazar Trace Government Primary School

(Mora Village, Point Fortin)

Each of the seven (7) participating schools will have their own process for the selection of candidates based on the following scholarship criteria:

Academic Merit

A student with strong academic excellence OR high achievement on Secondary School Entrance Examinations (S.E.A).


To acknowledge and highlight the determination, commitment, perseverance, and achievements of deserving students who overcome academic or personal difficulties; to encourage continued efforts in the pursuit of education.

Financial need

Based on the income of applicants’ families OR an identified socio-economic need to further opportunities or support student learning.

Community Service

Rewards for students who actively participate and contribute to their community; volunteerism, and willingness to assist others in need.

How can you get involved?

Donate any amount towards this program.

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