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Coldwell Banker is sponsoring our 2022 Santi Strong 5K

Thank you, Coldwell Banker, for sponsoring our 2022 Santi Strong 5K! We are excited to partner with you to help support the DFW community and our programs.

About Coldwell Banker:
Whether buying or selling, Coldwell Banker provides comprehensive real estate services for DFW, across the country, and around the world. Coldwell Banker prides itself on supporting our local communities and giving back where there is a need. We are proud to partner with The Jordan iCare Foundation and the Santi Strong 5K to help give back to the DFW community.” – Sarah Boggus

Learn more at: https://www.coldwellbanker.com/
If you are interested in sponsoring the Santi Strong 5K, please reach out to Adryan Santiago at adryans88@gmail.com and Kevin Barbour at kjbarbour20@gmail.com.

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