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The Santiago Family: Honored Recipients of the 2023 Outlive Yourself Award

Every year, the Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA) recognizes individuals and organizations for their exceptional dedication to advancing organ donation and transplantation through the Outlive Yourself Awards. This year’s ceremony, held at the Legacy Center in Dallas, was particularly special as it recognized the Santiago Family, along with Parkland Memorial Hospital and KidneyTexas Inc.

The Outlive Yourself Award honorees have shown incredible commitment to supporting the lifesaving mission of organ and tissue donation. Each one has made an impact that will transform the lives of thousands of people across Texas and around the globe.” stated Brad Adams, STA President and CEO.

Jordan, affectionately known as “Santi,” was an extraordinary individual who touched numerous lives with his love, kindness, and generosity. Through his selfless act of donation, Jordan saved five lives and provided healing to many more. In his memory, the Jordan Santiago iCare Foundation was established, with a mission to educate the community about organ donation and inspire others to become donors. The Santiago Family’s unwavering dedication has become a beacon of inspiration, as they continue to honor the legacy of their beloved son, brother, and friend, Jordan Santiago.

As we celebrate the Santiago Family and their fellow award recipients, let us all join hands in raising awareness about organ donation. Together, we can make a profound difference and ensure that more lives are saved.

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